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Samir Diss

Business Transformation & Change Specialist

Samir has extensive experience having worked across a multitude of small to medium and large-scale multinational transformation programmes.  He takes an outcome focused approach and leverages his expert knowledge within the field of transformation and change to enable tangible, measurable benefits for clients. He has successfully delivered business change for clients within the UK, Europe, and USA, from a multitude of industry sectors including;


Local Government and County Councils, Police and Fire Services, Ministry of Defence, Facilities Services, Higher Education, Oil & Gas, Retail, Professional Services, and Construction.


Samir has a BSc in Business Management, an MBA specialising with Leadership, Culture, and Innovation.

He is currently pursuing a PhD in Strategy and Organisation, with a focus on Business Transformation and Change. His doctoral research thesis explores how individual emotional experiences impact the identity work of change managers, in the context of organisational change.


  • Business Strategy

  • Vision Setting

  • Business Transformation

  • Organisational Change Management

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Target Operating Model

  • Operating Model

  • Operations Strategy

  • Communications and Engagement

  • Business Impact Assessments

  • Business Performance Measurement

Samir Diss
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