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Samir Diss

Managing Partner

Samir is a distinguished Senior Transformation and Change Leader with a renowned global management consultancy, where his passion and expertise in steering organisations through the rapidly evolving landscape of General Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) have positioned him as a pivotal figure in the industry. With an unwavering commitment to integrating AI-driven strategies across both the private and public sectors, Samir has reshaped business models to achieve unprecedented levels of performance, efficiency, and future readiness.

His illustrious career is highlighted by the development of strategic initiatives and operational improvements through Gen AI, alongside orchestrating extensive transformation projects. Collaborating intimately with C-level executives, Samir has seamlessly aligned AI technologies with overarching business objectives, cementing innovation as a fundamental aspect of operational success.

A notable highlight of his career includes spearheading organisational change within Oracle Cloud Transformations, a testament to his versatile expertise in managing intricate digital transformations and nurturing cultures of continuous innovation. Samir's profound impact is further evidenced in his ability to design adaptable operating models, guide teams through transformative changes, and establish robust, future-ready enterprises.

Boasting an extensive background across a myriad of small to large-scale multinational transformation programmes, Samir's outcome-focused approach, coupled with his deep-rooted knowledge in transformation and change, has delivered tangible, measurable benefits for clients globally. His vast experience spans across numerous sectors, including Local Government, Police and Fire Services, oil and gas, retail, and professional service firms as well as non-government organisations, and more, highlighting his versatile skill set and impactful contributions.

Academically, Samir is grounded with a BSc in Business Management and an MBA specialising in Leadership, Culture, and Innovation. Currently pursuing a PhD in Strategy and Organisation, his research delves into the nuanced ways individual emotional experiences influence the identity work of change managers within the realm of organisational change.

As a visionary leader, Samir continues to empower organizations to navigate the complexities of the digital era, leveraging his expert knowledge to unlock their full potential.


  • Business Strategy

  • Vision Setting

  • Gen AI Strategy

  • Business Transformation

  • Organisational Change Management

  • Target Operating Model

  • Operations Strategy

  • Business Impact Assessments

  • Business Performance & Benefits Measurement

Samir Diss
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