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AI Strategy & Business Optimisation

HAILO© Methodology

6 Sided Dice is excited to introduce our pioneering HAILO methodology, which stands for Human Artificial Intelligence Leading Operations.

HAILO is: 

Our approach is underpinned by rigorous scientific research and extensive real-world experience in delivering business optimization.



We start by identifying your business opportunities and we finish by delivering measurable outcomes. 

Structured Innovation
We balance creativity with robust governance. Our ethos combines innovation and pragmatism, grounded in strong control frameworks.

We leverage the power of artificial intelligence to enhance business processes, ensuring a harmonious integration of human and AI capabilities for superior outcomes.

Leading Edge
We keep your business at the forefront of technological advancement, ensuring you maintain a competitive edge.


Organisations adopting HAILO can stay ahead of technological trends and become leaders in leveraging AI for meaningful and lasting transformation. 


Let's chat over coffee and discover how 6 Sided Dice and our HAILO methodology can transform your organization and help you reach new heights of success.

HAILO© Methodology
Human AI Leading Operations

Here is a refined overview of our methodology, delineated into a strategic four-step process....

Step 1

Blueprint AI Strategy

Craft a Visionary AI Roadmap tailored to your business landscape.  This strategy articulates a future where your business leads and outpaces competition through intelligent innovation.

Step 2

Identify AI Enhancement Areas

In this phase, we concentrate our efforts on identifying specific areas within and across your organisation's operations where the integration of AI can significantly amplify operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Step 3

Develop Human AI Solution

Here, we focus on the creation and integration of solutions that harmonise human intelligence (HI) with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to ensure that these technologies complement and augment human efforts within your organisation.

Step 4

Cultivate AI-Driven Culture

The final step involves fostering a workplace culture that embraces AI, encouraging continuous adaptation and learning.  This phase is crucial for sustaining long-term engagement with AI technologies and maximising their impact on and across your business operations.




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