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What Drives Us

At 6 Sided Dice we understand that as organisations move toward embracing a more digital workplace, the attention has now shifted toward the social nature of work and organisations. 

Our multi-talented members of transformation and change professionals have all dedicated most of their career helping organisations overcome the challenges inherent in managing complex business transitions.  They each share an unwavering passion and drive for raising awareness of the crucial role that Business Transformation Specialists and Organisational Change Practitioners play in achieving successful transformation programmes. 

Our aim is to engage with highly-skilled and experienced practitioners and organisations that recognise the importance of focusing on the business, people, and technological aspects of work.  As seasoned researchers and expert practitioners in the field, we frequently share our insights at prominent practitioner conferences and AMBA-accredited University MBA Programmes.  We desire to leverage our knowledge and expertise to connect with like-minded individuals and learn from their experiences in driving sustainable change and transformation across organisations.

Our focus on the business, human and technical elements of work makes us stand out, and we believe that by connecting with individuals who share our passion, we can create meaningful change and have a greater impact.

We look forward to connecting with you and hearing about your personal and professional experiences in driving successful transformation programmes.  So please reach out and connect, we would really like to hear from people who share our vision.

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