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What Drives Us

Business Sustainability is central to the way that we manage our organisation and is a primary driver which resides at the heart of our conversations with people and organisations.

Being that our team and network comprises of experts from all walks of life, the one thing that ties us all together is our unrelenting passion for connecting with people and organisations who share our passion in ushering in a new era of business innovation and sustainability. 

Digital Technology waits for nobody and whilst there are those who think that AI will replace human beings, we strongly believe that those who are willing to adopt and leverage digital capabilities will accelerate business performance.  But let us be clear, this is not about being digital, it is about understanding that as work becomes more digitally laden, there will be a natural shift toward the social aspects of work, as machines replace the mundane areas of our work life.

6-Sided Dice are here to connect, and network, with people and organisations who are passionate about redirecting their focus toward the human and social elements of work.   As researchers and experts in the field who talk and present at large conferences and university programmes, we want to share what we have learned over our careers with other like-minded individuals, and in-turn hear about your personal and professional experiences relating to driving sustainability and new ways of working.  

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