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Jeffrey Joseph

AI Applications Developer

Jeffrey Joseph combines his expertise in Electrical Engineering and Artificial Intelligence to excel as an AI Applications Developer at 6 Sided Dice. Educated at a leading technical university, Jeffrey applies his deep understanding of AI to develop innovative solutions that transform business operations across various industries

In his role at 6 Sided Dice, Jeffrey is integral to the design and implementation of AI systems that enhance operational efficiency and drive technological advancement. His work involves crafting robust AI algorithms and models that integrate seamlessly into existing business frameworks, ensuring that each solution optimises performance and scalability.

An active participant in the AI community, Jeffrey contributes to discussions on AI trends and ethical practices at industry conferences and within client organisations, helping to shape the future of AI applications. His dedication to merging technical excellence with practical applications helps 6 Sided Dice deliver high-impact AI solutions that are both innovative and sustainable.

Jeffrey’s commitment to using AI to solve complex problems showcases his role as a key contributor to 6 Sided Dice’s mission to lead in AI-driven transformations, making smarter, more efficient systems accessible to all client partners and shaping the future of work.


  • AI Applications Development

  • Computer Engineering

  • Data Science

  • LLM and NLP

  • Python (programming language)

  • Databases

Jeffrey Joseph
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