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Tina El Khoury

Senior Management Consultant

An experienced Environmental Consultant with research, analysis and coordination, and engagement expertise. Tina holds a BSc in Environmental Sciences, MSc in Sustainability, and an MBA. She is a member of the CMI (Chartered Management Institute) and is bilingual; English and Arabic. Tina is an IEMA practitioner and animal welfare volunteer, with deep knowledge of waste management and reforestation.

Tina is deeply passionate about enabling sustainable operations and supply chains and driving performance through environmentally conscious solutions as well as promoting positive social impact throughout organsiations. Her unrelenting passion and enthusiasm for ESG initiatives within organisations is infectious.

Tina is an exceptionally professional management consultant. She is well respected by all our clients and champions many ESG initiatives across our portfolio. Her expertise in sustainable operations is currently supporting our higher education clients in enabling them to meet their 2030 net zero targets.


  • Sustainable Strategy

  • Sustainable Operations

  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management

  • Waste Management

  • Reforestation

  • Ethical Leadership

  • ESG

Tina El Khoury
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