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Noelia-Sarah Reynolds

Visiting Advisor

As the Director of Education at Essex Business School (EBS) and a key member of the Senior Management team, Noelia-Sarah Reynolds brings a strategic vision to the consultancy practice, particularly in business transformation and growth. Her commitment to delivering transformative educational experiences in her role as Director at the Business School underpins her strategic approach to enhancing educational programmes in a way that drives practical outcomes for all students.

In her role as a Visiting Advisor at the consultancy firm, Noelia-Sarah serves as a pivotal strategic advisor, leveraging her extensive research and practical expertise to position and expand the firm's services. Her professional focus on:

  • Strategic Change

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Sustainability

is central to the firm's value proposition and capabilities. Noelia’s research has been published in top-tier journals such as:

  • Organization Studies

  • International Business Review

  • Sustainability

She collaborates with leading scholars across Europe conducting research in the field of strategic change.  This academic rigor, combined with her practical experience, provides a robust foundation for the consultancy's thought leadership and practical solutions, especially in the realm of sustainable business practices with AI.

A cornerstone of her work is ensuring that research drives societal impact. Noelia's collaboration with Colchester City Council on the revitalisation of the High Street and her role as a strategic advisor on the Colchester Leisure Recovery board are shining examples of how her research excellence drives practical, impactful change within and across communities. These projects not only underscore her ability to translate research into actionable strategies but also highlight her commitment to societal betterment.

Furthermore, her ongoing advisory work with Colchester Borough Council on economic development strategies, coupled with her support for small enterprises in strategic planning, exemplifies the integration of research and practice. She also leads a significant Knowledge Transfer Partnership with a major logistics firm, focusing on strategic thinking, supply chain management, and sustainability, further demonstrating her capability to drive business transformation.

Noelia’s deep and profound knowledge, along with practical experience in mergers and acquisitions and business transformation, brings unparalleled credibility to 6 Sided Dice.  Her expertise contributes to the delivery of impactful and innovative AI use case solutions for client organisations.

In summary, Noelia-Sarah Reynolds's role as a Visiting Advisor is crucial to the consultancy's success in the field of business transformation. Her profound knowledge and practical experience in strategic change, coupled with her research credibility, position the firm at the forefront of delivering impactful and innovative solutions to clients.

Noelia-Sarah Reynolds
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