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Nicolas Forsans

Managing Director of the Essex MBA

Nicolas Forsans is the Managing Director of the University of Essex's MBA Programme. He is an expert in Business Strategy and has lectured on third year undergraduate programmes, but currently leads the Strategy Module on the Essex MBA. Nicolas has accelorated and grown the MBA Programme year-on-year and he and his team have been awarded a 5-year AMBA accreditation.

Nicolas is an expert in generating business models and his research has provided key insights into foreign business acquisitions, the role of innovation in ermerging economies, economic growth and development.

Nicolas is exceptionally informed in relation to managing organisational growth sustainably. He is extremely passionate at shaping the hearts and minds of future leaders, but also demonstrating how such qualities and attributes enable organisations to unlock a more socially conscious way of operating.


  • Business Strategy

  • Business Sustainability

  • Business Planning

  • Business Development

  • International Business

  • Emerging Markets

  • Customer Delivery Model

  • Business Performance Measurement

Nicolas Forsans
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