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Marco Nowinski

Business Consultant & Coach

Marco Nowinski is an accomplished executive with extensive experience in strategic leadership and organisational transformation. Currently serving the Management Director and Business Owner of SIMPLICIT LTD which provides leadership coaching and management consulting for international businesses.  His in-depth knowledge of operations management and management consultancy has enabled global enterprises face complex business challenges and drive sustainable growth.

Throughout his career, Marco has specialised in areas such as strategic planning, operational efficiency, and digital innovation. He has a distinguished record of leading successful initiatives that enhance organisational performance and competitive positioning. Marco's client engagements have spanned various industries, including financial services, healthcare, and technology, where his insights and methodologies have consistently yielded significant measurable results.

Marco's academic credentials include a Masters Degree in International Business Management, a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Production Management, and Associates Degree in International Trade.  He also holds advanced professional certifications from the CMI and Quality Management EOQ. 

Marco currently leads the Management Operations module on the MBA at numerous Universities across the globe.   He is recognised for his thought leadership and has contributed to numerous publications and industry forums on topics related to business strategy and innovation.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Marco is deeply committed to mentoring future leaders and advancing the field of management consultancy.

He actively participates in community service and holds board positions in several non-profit organisations, reflecting his dedication to societal impact and ethical leadership.

Marco Nowinski's expertise, combined with his passion for excellence, makes him a trusted advisor and a driving force in the business community.

Marco Nowinski
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