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Jen Thomson

Marketing, Media & Communication

Jen Thomson is a Change Management Consultant. She began her career in the Royal Air Force, where she worked within multiple teams to deliver different projects. Having had experienced as a CAM Engineer and EDM Programmer and Machinist for four years, she became a Management Consultant and now works for a firm in London who deliver complex change programmes to organisations accross the public, private, and third sector organisations.

She is also a guest speaker on the Essex MBA Programme where she assists in the delivery of the Introduction to Consulting and Project Management workshop, featured on the course.

Jen takes an outcome focus to change management. She is especially passionate about industry trends and how these impact market shifts. Her flare for 'big picture' thinking leads her approach to solving business challenges. Jen is particular intersted in story-telling as an approach to helping client organisations grasp and anchor their operations to thier broader business goals.


  • Organisational Change Management

  • Business Transformation

  • Workshop Facilitation

  • Management Operations

  • Performence Benchmarking

  • Operational Process Design

  • Business Strategy

  • Engagement Approaches

  • Qualitative Data Analysis

Jen Thomson
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