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Jen Thomson

Affiliate of 6 Sided DIce

Jen Thomson stands at the forefront of business transformation and change projects, emblematic of a distinguished career punctuated by numerous successes in steering organisations through complex transitions. Her expertise, honed across a spectrum of organisational contexts, has been instrumental in the conception and execution of impactful business change projects. Her experience has not only spanned diverse sectors but have also consistently delivered substantial value to her clientele.

Jen has an inventive approach to change management, with a pronounced emphasis on optimising online customer experiences. This focus has endowed her with profound insights into the intricacies of human cognitive and user thought processes. Her ability to distil complex behavioural patterns into actionable strategies has been pivotal in redefining system design paradigms, prioritising user experience at the very core of transformation initiatives. Clients deeply value her enlightening perspectives, which illuminate the path toward more intuitive, user-centric solutions.

Jen's contributions are not merely transactional; they are transformative, driving the reimagining of businesses to be more adaptive, user-focused, and ultimately, more successful in today’s dynamic market landscape.


  • Organisational Change Management

  • Cloud Transformation

  • User Experience Management

  • User Adoption Strategies

  • Business Transformation

  • Online Customer Experience

  • Customer Relationship Management

Jen Thomson
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