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Edra Bajraktari

Affiliate of 6 Sided Dice

Edra Bajaktari is a very accomplished consultant who has extensive experience working in the financial sector. Edra has worked for some of the world leading companies within tech and finance.

Edra has dealt with a vast portfolio of clients and has built long-term trusted relationships with both, her clients and work colleagues. Edra is technically minded and uses data and financial modelling to provide credible advice to investors who trade on one of the largest trading platforms in the world.

Edra has a Degree and two Masters, in the field of Finance and Economics, and Economics and Tourism, as well as an MBA. She is tri-lingual and a confident business woman who deals day in day out with her international client portfolio.


  • Financial Analysis

  • Management Accounting

  • Quantitative Data Analysis

  • Economic Analysis

  • Portfolio Management

  • International Markets

  • International Business

Edra Bajraktari
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